Staying Present

With all that has happened lately, it’s more emotionally taxing than ever to handle the punches and roll with them as they come. How many times has it felt as though the rug has been taking right out from under you. It’s all you can do to function, let alone handle the additional circumstances that may follow. Whether it’s a Natural disaster, a loss of a loved one, a divorce or being laid-off, these life challenges can be more than overwhelming. In the midst of this, learning to take a moment to literally, “Get Present”, realizing what we can and can’t control and adjusting accordingly.

I tell my clients this becomes a skill set that we hone in on from the first moment that we are faced with any form of adversity. Learning coping mechanisms, reaching out for help from close family and friends is crucial in this moment. Start by connecting with your breath, realizing what you can and cannot control, and then devising a plan to contribute to a solution if there is one.

In the midst of the storm, the tragedy, the hurt, the pain, the loss. we are blinded by our pain. Take time to notice how and what you feel in your body. Shift from a place of fear, to a place of faith. Reminding ourselves that these two emotions cannot be present at the same time. Holding on to that thought. AGAIN, skillset. Reminding those around us to remain positive. Look for wise, intelligent options to things that are in our control. Ask for help when needed. Most importantly, remember that stress causes disease in our bodies. We choose what we hold onto. Staying in a beautiful space in your heart. Praying or sending a positive vision to loved ones in need, and believing there’s an end to the storm.

Keeping a strong vision of better times ahead. Remind yourself the more we focus on, the more we get of that. Staying positive can be incredibly trying through devastation. Surround yourself around positive people who believe in the same things you do. Having a strong support system when you’re struggling is ideal. It takes time to weed out those that may be toxic for you, draining you of your innate positive energy. Take a step each day that makes you feel you are contributing to a better tomorrow. Eventually, that’s what it will be.

Wishing you all peace in your heart, wisdom in your soul and strength and faith in your spirit.

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