Presenting an Online Gift Certificate As a Grand Surprise

With birthdays and celebrations upon us, we will all scramble to find a quality gift for our friends and loved ones. Of course, no one wishes to receive a gift that is categorized as generic (the dreaded gift of black socks from childhood) so we all aspire to purchase (and give) a gift that will be well received. This is why an online gift certificate is an excellent choice as a gift.

A gift certificate is an often misunderstood choice of a gift item. The reason for this is because most people do not see a gift certificate as a “grand” gift that involves a lot of thought. In short, it would seem that such a gift was presented as an afterthought and not as something that required a great deal of planning, preparation and thought. This is an unfortunate categorization of an online gift certificate, as it is an item that actually reflects the thought process of a logical person who realized the practicality of such a gift. Why is the common gift certificate a logical and practical gift?

While we realize that if a person has a very strong interest in a specific hobby or pursuit that the person will be highly appreciative of a gift that is in concert with such interest, it is also very difficult to properly pick a gift that the person does not already have.

For example, if the person whom the gift is intended is a huge fan of THE BEATLES, such a person would surely love an item or piece of memorabilia that is connected with THE BEATLES, unless the person presenting the gift has an itemized list of the BEATLES memorabilia that the person for whom the gift is intended already has, then the possibility of buying the individual of duplicate of the same item is a major risk. This is why the purchase of a gift certificate is wise.

In short, the gift certificate skims over the problems that might occur with trying to second guess the person whom the gift is intended and presents a doorway to the type of store where the person would be able to find those items that he wishes. In other words, instead of trying to pinpoint a specific BEATLES item, it would be best to purchase an online gift certificate to a store that supplies BEATLES merchandise.

This way, the person whom the gift is intended will be able to purchase the specific item that he or she wants and the embarrassing issue of purchasing a gift that is not wanted can be avoided. The person for whom the gift is intended is the best judge of what makes a good gift. Why take the decision making power away from him?

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