5.5 Strategies for a Presentation with Magic

Everyone loves magic because it is fun and entertaining. But, the trick isn’t the most important part of the presentation, the patter is.

The patter is the script that you must use to keep your audience engaged while you perform your magic. If you can create a humorous story that will capture the attention of your audience and tie the tricks together at the same time; you will have a successful presentation. The real entertainment is in the story not the tricks. So, decide which tricks you enjoy and build a story around them that will entertain young and old.

Here are 5 strategies for preparing your magic presentation.

#1 Develop Your Patter

Sit down and create a script that is humorous, entertaining and fresh. The newer your material the more entertaining you will be. If you can’t think of anything completely new, take something old and give it a new twist.

#2 Be Choosy

Select the magic tricks you love the most. If you love what you do you will practice more often and be a better performer. No one can do all tricks extremely well, so be choosy.

#3 You Must Practice

Memorize your patter and incorporate your tricks into the story. Then practice, practice and practice again until you have a smooth presentation.

Rehearse your magic presentation before you show it to anyone. If you perform without sufficient rehearsal, the trick will fail and you’ll reveal your secret. If you ruin a trick in front of an audience, don’t apologize just move on.

#4 Keep Your Secrets

Do not disclose how you did a magic trick to your friends; regardless of how insistent they are. You will lose the fun of doing the tricks once you have shared them.

#5 Never Repeat a Trick

Do not perform the same magic trick over again. When your friends ask you to perform the trick again, it implies that they were tricked that time, and they will try to observe your actions next time. Performing magic tricks is no longer fun if your audience are . Thus, as soon as you finish a magic trick, pretend that you are surprised.

#5.5 Video Tape Yourself

Always consider how your audience will perceive your magic presentation. It is important to understand your audience so you can make a connection with them. So, video tape your performance and watch it. Listen to your pater, watch your tricks and notice how it will look and sound to your audience. If it sounds awkward fix it.

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