Top 5 Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas & Creative Ways To Present Them

On February 14, couples around the nation celebrate their affection for one another through romantic dinners, gift exchanges and sharing special moments together. If you are wondering what to purchase for the woman in your life this Valentine’s Day, you can’t go wrong with the gift of jewelry. If you want to enjoy the current jewelry trend of diamonds set in platinum but don’t quite have the means to afford it, consider purchasing cubic zirconia set in sterling silver instead. A cubic zirconia stone is flawless, whereas a genuine diamond is often visibly included. And when it comes to metal, platinum is the most expensive of all while sterling silver remains very affordable. Translation? You can get a lot more dazzle for your dough and still give a quality gift that any woman will be thrilled to receive in cubic zirconia and sterling silver.

5 Popular Valentine’s Day Jewelry Gift Ideas

Cubic zirconia wedding rings. Valentine’s Day is a very popular day for wedding proposals, which means cubic zirconia wedding rings are a hot pick this season. Even if you can afford a genuine diamond engagement ring, it may be more practical to consider purchasing the world’s finest diamond simulant in a cubic zirconia wedding ring set and use the money that you save for a down payment on a new home. Cubic zirconia wedding rings will give you the look of a large diamond, will be eyeclean and much less expensive than the real thing. If you want to present a cubic zirconia engagement ring to your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day, consider tying the ring onto a ribbon, which is affixed to a rose, a box of candy or a teddy bear. If you want to get especially creative, you can sprinkle rose petals into the shape of a trail that leads to a room filled with soft candlelight and a ring box as the focal point.

Cubic zirconia bracelets. A tennis bracelet is always classic, but the look of a bangle is coming back into fashion in a big way. Cubic zirconia bracelets in either the tennis or bangle styling will make a perfect gift this Valentine’s Day. You can present a bracelet by placing it on a teddy bear’s wrist or draping it over a wine bottle.

Cubic zirconia heart pendant/necklace. This is one of the more popular jewelry gift ideas because a heart symbolizes love and, coincidentally, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about. From the traditional heart pendant to a floating style, there is no better gift than a heart to show your love. If you are giving someone special a cubic zirconia heart pendant or necklace on Valentine’s Day, simply place the necklace onto the neck of a large teddy bear or place the jewelry box inside of a box filled with long-stemmed roses.

Cubic zirconia earrings. Many women simply won’t leave home without them, which is why earrings make a terrific gift idea for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Some of the most classic designs include both stud and hoop style cubic zirconia earrings, but heart designs remain equally popular and especially so on a day for celebrating love. Cubic zirconia earrings, especially in the solitaire stud style, will offer a bigger bling for your buck.

Cubic zirconia eternity band rings. Although they have always been popular, eternity bands are especially popular as Valentine’s Day gifts because they symbolize forever. What better symbol to give someone that you love than a promise of eternity? It is said that the continuous gems in an eternity band ring symbolize no beginning and no end, which is the way that many people feel about the love that they have for another. An eternity band ring can be presented in a number of ways. Much like other types of Valentine’s Day jewelry, you can tie a cubic zirconia eternity band ring to a ribbon, which can be placed on a rose, a teddy bear or a box of Valentine’s Day candy. If you want to get really creative, purchase a box of candy and remove enough of the candies inside to fit your ring box snugly in the center. When your valentine opens the box expecting to see chocolates, she will love the surprise.

Arthritis Symptom Presentation Varies With Disease Type

Many people think of arthritis as a disease of the elderly. Creaking bones, slow gaits and gnarled fingers are what come to mind when a list of arthritis symptom possibilities is presented. The fact is the disease is actually known for a multitude of symptoms and these may vary depending on the type of arthritis present.

There are two major forms of arthritis and many other less prevalent forms, as well. The two most common types of arthritis are osteo and rheumatoid. Each tends to present with its own brand of arthritis symptom possibilities along with several they share in common. Let’s look at both types and the typical symptoms that go along with them.

Osteoarthritis is a progressive disease that tends to strike later in life. In this particular form of the disease, the arthritis symptom possibilities can range quite dramatically from patient to patient, but one thing that is shared in all cases is pain, or at least discomfort. This form of arthritis doesn’t have a definitive known cause, but it is believed it can be brought on by genetic defects, overuse, age, diabetes and a host of other possible reasons. This particular form of arthritis tends to impact the joint cartilage that lines the bone within the joint.

The arthritis symptom possibilities for this type of the disease include such things as inflammation, pain, loss of movement, bony growths and more. In severe cases, the cartilage can break down almost entirely, removing the body’s natural shock absorption system and creating a great deal of pain.

While the arthritis symptom possibilities will vary in this form from person to person, the impact of the disease is generally pretty strong. This form of arthritis affects about 20 million people in the United States alone.

The second major form of arthritis is rheumatoid. This, too, has no definitive cause, but is believed to be brought on by such things as heredity, hormones and even infection. The arthritis symptom possibilities in this form of the disease tend to be a little more broad, which makes it quite difficult to diagnosis initially.

In rheumatoid arthritis, the body’s own immune system decides to attack and destroy the tissues in the joints. The arthritis symptom possibilities here are so wide because this form of the disease involves the immune system.

The typical arthritis symptom possibilities in rheumatoid include such things as swollen, stiff and painful joints, fevers, loss of use and even deformity in severe cases. Rheumatoid can also create arthritis symptom event in other areas of the body including the lungs, heart and eyes. Considering its more holistic attack on the body, this particular form of the disease is also known for making people feel very tired and generally ill overall.

Dealing with either form of the disease can be very difficult for patients to contend with. Generally doctors will attempt to address each arthritis symptom as it arises, which is considered a pretty good approach. Since neither form of the disease has a known cure, this is perhaps the best way to manage overall pain by handling treatment on a need-to basis. The best way for a person with different arthritis symptom possibilities to handle them is as they arise, while making sure a doctor is consulted for new therapies when they are needed.

Presenting an Online Gift Certificate As a Grand Surprise

With birthdays and celebrations upon us, we will all scramble to find a quality gift for our friends and loved ones. Of course, no one wishes to receive a gift that is categorized as generic (the dreaded gift of black socks from childhood) so we all aspire to purchase (and give) a gift that will be well received. This is why an online gift certificate is an excellent choice as a gift.

A gift certificate is an often misunderstood choice of a gift item. The reason for this is because most people do not see a gift certificate as a “grand” gift that involves a lot of thought. In short, it would seem that such a gift was presented as an afterthought and not as something that required a great deal of planning, preparation and thought. This is an unfortunate categorization of an online gift certificate, as it is an item that actually reflects the thought process of a logical person who realized the practicality of such a gift. Why is the common gift certificate a logical and practical gift?

While we realize that if a person has a very strong interest in a specific hobby or pursuit that the person will be highly appreciative of a gift that is in concert with such interest, it is also very difficult to properly pick a gift that the person does not already have.

For example, if the person whom the gift is intended is a huge fan of THE BEATLES, such a person would surely love an item or piece of memorabilia that is connected with THE BEATLES, unless the person presenting the gift has an itemized list of the BEATLES memorabilia that the person for whom the gift is intended already has, then the possibility of buying the individual of duplicate of the same item is a major risk. This is why the purchase of a gift certificate is wise.

In short, the gift certificate skims over the problems that might occur with trying to second guess the person whom the gift is intended and presents a doorway to the type of store where the person would be able to find those items that he wishes. In other words, instead of trying to pinpoint a specific BEATLES item, it would be best to purchase an online gift certificate to a store that supplies BEATLES merchandise.

This way, the person whom the gift is intended will be able to purchase the specific item that he or she wants and the embarrassing issue of purchasing a gift that is not wanted can be avoided. The person for whom the gift is intended is the best judge of what makes a good gift. Why take the decision making power away from him?

The Risk of the Bird Flu is Still Present Among Us

Public health authorities are alarmed by a strain of H5N1, also known as the virus of the bird flu, which has firs affected the birds across Asia and Russia. It also has infected more than 100 humans in the past 18 months, killing about half of them. Scientists fear that the virus could begin to spread between humans and so this will unleash a global pandemic.

At the annual regional meeting of the World Health Organization in Auckland, New Zealand, among other top items presented, it is expected to be discussed the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

The spokesman of WHO declared that even though the cold months in Asia might reduce the damage produced by the disease, the risk factors will remain the same.

Richard Nesbit, the acting regional director for the Western Pacific of WHO sustained that the pandemic risk is still present because the virus is highly embedded in the environment. Besides the continuous outbreaks in poultry in Indonesia, now there have appeared new cases in Cambodia and Thailand too.

By this moment all the cases when humans were taken ill appeared due to a close contact with infected poultry, but some special cases, like the one when a whole family (seven members) died because the members spread the disease to one another, have warned the scientists about the possibility that the disease could mutate and then transmit easier between humans, leading to a global pandemic.

Richard Nesbit said that there is hope that we will gain control over the disease, and gave as example the case of Vietnam that had 42 people deceased of bird flu (this situating the country in the chart of victims on the second place after Indonesia with 49 dead people), and after the government’s campaign regarding a mass vaccination of poultry there were not recorded any new fatalities.

Nesbit also affirmed that it is very important for people to be prepared, not taken by surprise, and not to forget what had happened, even though there have past three years of bird flu presence, because the risk is still present.

Even though the media and the public got tired of hearing the same old thing about a possible global pandemic, it is the scientist’s and government’s responsibility to continue informing everyone about the evolution of the virus and of the possible risks related to it.

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